Do you want to spend time cognitively and interestingly? To get acquainted with our favorites and learn more about the Siberian Husky breed? Do you like animals? Then you have a wonderful opportunity to talk with pedigreed dogs of Siberian Husky breed. For this you can visit our kennel.

Dear visitors, please kindly observe the following rules when visiting our kennel:

-The visiting of the kennel is possible only by appointment. Please note that our dogs are not a contact zoo, but private homeownership, a professional kennel engaged in breeding high-quality offspring :)

-It is forbidden to feed dogs without permission, throw various objects into the enclosure. Our dogs receive all the kennel food in sufficient quantities. Do not feed dogs in the kennel with your food - this can harm them.

-It is not allowed to open locks and locks of cages, to go beyond barriers. It is prohibited to bring your animals (including decorative dogs, ferrets, hamsters, etc.) into the kennel without the consent of the owners of the kennel.

-Shooting with a professional video camera is made only upon agreement with the owners of the kennel. When photographing dogs, it is strictly forbidden to use the flash. Do not take pictures or video clips of the kennel staff without permission. Photograph, as well as take photos on their phones and cameras of our dogs can.

- Do not leave the location of the group. You will be accompanied by someone who will tell you where and what you can see and hear. You do not need to separate from the group, to overtake the attendant, otherwise you can miss the interesting moments of the program.

-Not have to do sharp movements towards dogs, scream, tease or scare them. Dogs do not like when they touch their eyes, ears or mouth. Touch the animals affectionately and benevolently. Treat them with respect.

-People with the smell of alcohol and in a state of intoxication are not accepted, it is forbidden to bring alcohol with them.

-It's forbidden to walk on lawns, break branches, tear flowers.

-When children visit the kennel, the parents bear full responsibility for their behavior and safety. Do not leave your children unattended. Children are allowed to enter the kennel only when accompanied by adults.

The cynologist works in the kennel. Adult dogs, as well as puppies undergo a regular veterinary examination.
In the event of non-observance by the Visitors of the safety rules and the recommendations of the escort, the visit may be interrupted without compensation.

                                                                                                         We get new knowledge and pleasure from communicating with the husky.

The story of the breed, acquaintance with dogs, tea in the house, you will see awards of dogs and videos from the championships, you can take a photo on your camera with a dog. 

Visit to the kennel from 5 years.Visiting is possible by a group from 20 person.


Irish wolfhound Goshenka:



After visiting the kennel in the winter, it is possible to sled dogs. Attention: sledding on dogs depends on the weather conditions.
Be sure to register in advance. What is it for? -Quantity is strictly limited; Musher is invited, he comes specially for hire; The route is prepared in advance; . Also find out how much there should be a minimum of wishing for sledging on dogs from your group to harness the dogs team at the day and time you need.
One person can sit in the sledge, a circle of about 200 meters is located on the territory of the kennel. It is not recommended to skate pregnant women (at any time). If you have injuries or diseases that can worsen due to sledging, please inform us about this in advance.

It is better to register for a certain day and time in advance. Otherwise, the desired time may already be occupied or we will not be ready to accept you, because, for example, we will leave for work, for an exhibition or a race. Thank you for your understanding. On our site in the "Contacts" section you can find out how and where you can leave a request to visit the kennel for its consideration. We would like to inform you that applications by phone are not accepted. Be sure to wait for confirmation of your entry.

Thank you for your attention!


We're waiting for you to visit!


In the kennel are sold puppies
from titled parents.